Africa's Largest Community For Digital Innovators

The time has come for Africa to lead the forefront of digital transformation across the globe. This can only be achieved through strategic education and community building that leads to successful collaboration on the continent, this is where ADIC comes to play.

Africa Digital Innovation Community is the largest gathering of digital innovators in the continent. This innovative community is owned by SPC UNIVERSE and BLOCKCHAIN VIBES. This community is set to build the largest collaborative ecosystem of digital innovators on the African Continent.


To build the largest and most collaborative ecosystem of digital innovators in the African Continent.


Put Africa on the global map of leading digital transformation by building the largest and most collaborative ecosystem of trained digital innovators in the continent.

Community Structure

Africa Digital Innovation Community operates on a two-layer community ecosystem. The African Digital Innovation community is open to anyone who wants to be a part of the digital transformational wave in Africa.

As a member of the community, you can now choose to niche down and choose which ecosystem you want to use to grow in and render value for African growth. You join the layer two community called: ECOSYSTEMX. At Ecosystem X, you can now access other niched-down ecosystems that will be explained in the next slides.


Talent Ecosystem

The talent ecosystem is set to harness and build talents who will be relevant in building and rendering digital innovative services on the continent and around the globe

Entrepreneurs Ecosystem

Our Entrepreneurs Ecosystem is set to harness Entrepreneurs who are using digital innovative solutions to solve Africa's biggest challenges within and outside the continent

Financial Market Ecosystem

Financial Market remains the largest market in the world due to the rise of digital technologies and platforms and through this ecosystem of ours, we will harness the largest investors community of those who can leverage on this market in Africa, to build sustainable wealth for the continent.

Emerging Technologies Ecosystem

Emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain and IOT are leading the front on the future of digital transformation and industrialization. Through this ecosystem, we will harness builders who are interested in building Africa's own powered solutions centered on emerging tech.

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