The future of


& Graduation Ceremony of Cohort 1


Graduation Ceremony

With just a few days left until the graduation ceremony for Cohort 1, it’s an exciting time to reflect on the future of digital transformation.

Digital transformation has become an essential part of businesses, enabling them to operate more efficiently, provide better customer experiences, and remain competitive in a rapidly changing landscape.

As Cohort 1 prepares to graduate, we celebrate their achievements and and acknowledge the significant role they play in shaping the future of digital transformation. Congratulations to Cohort 1 on their upcoming graduation, and we look forward to seeing the impact they will maker in the years to come.

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Application For The Next Cohort

Dear Blockchain VIBERS, Applications for the 2nd cohorts of the Blockchain Vibes Scholarship program is here again. This is an amazing opportunity for you to become a certified blockchain professional, get experience to intern with web3 companies, grab amazing job opportunities and create a successful career for yourself in the web3.0 space.

A scholarship for more than 20k people in Africa to learn about blockchain tech, its use cases, internships and jobs for graduates. Register Here!!!